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GNC and HoR Chiefs: time still needed to form GNA

Abusahmain and Saleh: New committees will be formed to start working on positive points - Internet


While the United Nations-brokered political agreement is internationally expected to be signed on Wednesday, chiefs of Libya’s rival legislatures announced that more time is needed before announcing the Government of National Accord (GNA) expected to solve Libya’s problems.

The chief on the General National Congress, GNC, Nuri Abusahmain and the chief of the House of Representatives, HoR, Ageela Saleh, stated in a press conference on Tuesday after a meeting in Malta, hosted by Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, that new committees will be formed to start working on all positive points emerged from the talks to reach the formation of the GNA.

“We want to form a unity government but we don’t want it to be enforced from the outside. This government must be agreed to by all the Libyan people. We don’t want an “outside” intervention if this comes against the will of our people”, Saleh stated, as reported by Malta Today.

When asked whether the two sides will be respecting the UN’s dead line, Wednesday December 16th, Abusahmain said that the mission of the UN is to facilitate a way to an agreement. He noted that who obstruct dialogue will be punished, Malta Independent reported.

“But allow us time to form an effective unity government, acting hastily would lead to more problems in the future”, Abusahmain said. Both leaders asserted that none of them have authorized any one to sign the political agreement in Skhirat on Wednesday.

They both added that “Details” such as the formation of GNA will be discussed during the mentioned meetings. “Good results are expected,” they added.

Abusahmain asserted that they wanted the world to know that Libyans are able to solve their problems themselves with the help of the international community. “But we will not accept foreign intervention against the will of the Libyan people”, he added.

“We ask our people to be patient for the sake of Libya. All the people and the world want stability in Libya; we tell them that this problem will be solved”, Saleh said.

Abusahmain expressed respect and appreciation to efforts of the UN and other countries to extend dialogue between both parties. “We will listen to the needs of all Libyan people”, he continued.

Saleh added that both sides were calling on the international community to consider the progress made today.

Both sides agreed to fight terrorism including Islamic State group, IS, that gained a foothold in Libya due to political and armed clashes between rivals. A recent UN report suggested that the group views Libya as an important stronghold outside Syria and Iraq.

Earlier this week, an international conference was held in Rome, Italy, to encourage Libyan rivals to sign the UN-brokered political deal, thus accelerate the formation that will address fighting terrorism and curb illegal migration amongst other troubles.

The GNC member, Abdul-Fattah Alshalwy said that the joint meeting was successful and “was able to get into agreed matters and leave the issues of dispute for the committees,” Libya Almostakbal reported.