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Bashaga welcomes Valletta meeting

Bashaga calls who refuse the dialogue to prioritize the national interests - Internet

The boycotting member for the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathy Bashaga, welcomed the meeting in Valletta between the heads of the HoR and the General National Congress (GNC).

He said on his Facebook page, Tuesday, “I delightfully received the news about the meeting between the two brothers Ageela Saleh and Nuri Abusahmain”. He considered the meeting as decisive proof for all skeptics of the advocates of dialogue.

He referred that the “political draft resulted from the national dialogue in Skhirat is enough to pave the way towards new phase of unity and patriotism”. He stressed that the country won’t survive the current crisis without dialogue and reconciliation.

Bashaga called those who refuse the dialogue and national consensus using false pretenses, to follow the bath and prioritize the national interests.