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Will the world pay attention to Shuaib’s word?

Shuaib is a peace man, he had a real patience in the hardest times - Internet


Will Libyan factions understand him?

The Libyan talks had suffered weakness in many times due to participants’ lack of right data in the right time. The United Nations special envoy, Martin Kobler, had worked so hard to find determination in the participants to take the right decision and who follow the talk’s process using documented data.

Participants and their supporters have been in another planet than others, while Libyans were on a third one.  For a big sector of Libyans, this was the reason for why the agreement was delayed.

Why do disputers talk? Islamic standards dictate a Muslim to hurry to talk to the opponent if the latter wanted so, and to exert effort in narrowing the gap between them.  “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best,” Quran said.

But the UN-Libyan talks had, in its early stages, negotiators who were programmed not to bow to the right or evidence. They talk and talk until their word wins, no more or less, a thing that consumed UN’s time in repetitive trials, renewing participants. But there was a Libyan symbol who managed to be present and balanced along the talks’ process, he is Emhmed Shuaib.

Shuaib was a peace man, he had patience in the hardest times, all who attended sessions can testify on his classy proposals and discussion, he was modest, and well mannered. What really made him a success is his understanding of the other’s nature, no offense shall be taken on the other sides; it included honest and wise people too.

Shuaib is a combatant who spent 15 years in Gaddafi’s prisons due to his great love for the nation. After he became a member of the House of Representatives (HoR), his house in Al-Zawia city was burnt. Rather, his love to the country hasn’t stopped, it increased to pull off talks and reunite Libyans and save their lives.

The question is, will talks’ participants and brokers understand the importance of having Shuaib’s seriousness and diplomacy? Especially after his words in front of the world in Rome, in which he asserted the importance of international support to rescue the Libyans from the trap they put themselves in.