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Justice and Building Party calls for voice of reason

Justice and Building Party welcomes direct meetings between parties to find solutions to the crisis - Internet


The Justice and Building Party called Libyans to restore to the voice of reason and tip the interests of the country, admit that everyone made mistakes that should be corrected before it is too late.

It confirmed in a statement that political, social, economical and security situation in Libya is getting worse, and the state collapse because of divisions and conflicts.

The statement, LIBYAPROSPECT got a copy of, added that “the last five years were very difficult, our political, economical and social reality is deteriorating by time, the state is collapsing. We can’t accept more collapse and destruction, without trying to solve the situation and build the state”.

The party stressed that “the historical moment the country is facing, requires us all to be more realistic, tolerant, and postpone litigation until the construction of the country away from vengeance or revenge”. The party defined that its strategy is “saving the country through the dialogue”.

The statement welcomed any direct meetings between different parties to find solutions to the crisis, hoping that such meetings would accelerate the national reconciliation. It stressed the need to build security agencies like national army and police forces to protect the country and its citizens, Gun control through setting clear operational plan, and the rehabilitation of arms bearers.

The party stressed its rejection to the continuation of armed groups based on partial or ideological affiliations, the party called for the reconstruction of armed groups under general staff of armed forces or interior ministry. The party supported the issuance of the amnesty law as practical step towards national reconciliation.

It called for immediate response to threats facing the country, including tribal and regional disputes, terrorist groups and gangs. Resolve issues of securing and controlling the borders to stop smuggling operations and other crimes threatening social fabric and morals of Libyans.

The party stressed the need for economical policy to prevent economical collapse of the state, restore financial and economical activities, deal with financial and contractual projects. Beside, activating municipalities and support it with capabilities to provide essential services.

The statement confirmed its support for the coming government in establishing communications with neighboring countries that benefits all countries. It confirmed its readiness to communicate with all Libyan factions and sects without any conditions to save the country and get it to safety.