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Hanibal insists he doesn’t need a lawyer

Hannibal acknowledges responsibility of his father for the abduction of Al-Sadr - Internet

Hanibal Gaddafi, the son of Muammer Gaddafi, acknowledged the responsibility of the Libyan regime for the abduction of Shiite cleric, Musa al-Sadr, and his two companions, declaring that the fate of Al-Sadr and his fellows is undefined until now.

Al-Safeer Lebanese newspaper said that it is the first time, for 37 years, to bring a person belongs to the closest circles of Gaddafi in front of judiciary in Lebanon.

During five hours, Hanibal provided his full testimony, which is described by Al-Safeer as “irrelevant and sometimes contradicting”, he refused any judicial assistance, saying he can defend himself and needs no lawyer.

Hanibal recognized his father’s responsibility for the crime, adding that Al-Sadr and his two companions never left Libya soils. He said “number of high command intelligent officials were responsible for rigging the travel of Al-Sadr and Yacoub to Rome and the travel of Bader Eddine to Malta”.

Then Al-Sadr was moved to highly secured place (prison or house) in Tripoli, away from Yacoub and Bader Eddine, but Hanibal didn’t confirm the killing of Al-Sadr.

Shiite in Lebanon hold Gaddafi responsible for the disappearance of Al-Sadr, who was last seen in Libya on 31 August 1978, who received invitation from Libyan authorities on 25 August 1978 with his two companions, but Gaddafi regime denied the accusations confirming that the three left Libya to Italy.