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Shuaib urges international community for more support

Shuaib: In Libya, we depend heavily on the international community’s support to overcome our crisis - Internet

The representative of the House of Representatives, HoR, Emhmed Ali Shuaib, asserted the importance of international support for Libya in the current stage to be able to overcome the current crisis, he said in front of Rome international conference on Libya.

Shuaib asserted that the Government of National Accord (GNA) is the first step on the way of overcoming disputes, rebuilding Libya, and opening the way for a bright future for next generations, that powers in Libya has finally realized its priority, after pressure of public demands.

“In Libya, we depend heavily on the international community’s support to overcome our crisis. We still remember its stances throughout history” Shuaib said, “In the fifties of the last century; our country got its independence by an international resolution. Then, when our people called for freedom and democracy the international community rushed to aid in 2011”.

Shuaib noted that Libya now awaits a decision from the international community that grants support and aid to the outputs of Skhirat talks and political agreement that all Libyan sectors took part in.

Shuaib said that terrorism is the sole benefited from the economy fall, social disintegration, and political disorder that Libya suffered after 40 years of absent democracy and civil life that all appeared after the end of the last era. He noted that terrorism then may be endangering the whole region.

Shuaib expressed gratitude for Italy for hosting the convention, and the United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, and participating ambassadors; and invited all to attend the signature of the political agreement in the next few days.

Italy has hosted the international convention that 21 country and international organizations participated in to push forward signing the political agreement and the formation of the Government of National Accord.

“We are sure Libyans’ hearts and eyes are look forward to this meeting. We are here in response to their calls for rescue, but rather in response to our neighbors’ calls in east, west, north and south” he added.

Shuaib noted that Libya is in a time race that there should be no space for hesitation or fear. He added that the slogan shall be “one government for one nation”.