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Good but impossible

46 years have passed and Libyans have seen nothing but messing with their children’s minds - Internet


Ministry of Education is a very important ministry for Libyans in the upcoming government; it is essential to ask a question to experts, scholars, media men, politicians and newspapers’ readers and to think deeply of education over its 46 years.

Has anyone ever heard of a minister of Education who has had influence over Libyan education? Has anyone ever heard of an education minister who presented a mighty plan for education renaissance that impresses Libyans and save current and future generations of the deep ignorance they have been living?

46 years have passed and Libyans have seen nothing but messing with their children’s minds. Successive ministers of education took on the responsibility of making ignorant and psychologically ill students with curriculum close to comedy sketches rather than world-known curriculums.

The solution to low education-standard students was always handy and in the ministry’s field of vision; the automatic pass, and moving children ahead through academic years. Every minister was either supported by the central leadership due to trust, a friend of security authorities, or close to ideological leaders controlling the political decision.

Observers say that ministers have never been a part of advanced Libyan minds, no minister has ever written a five-line plan to improve education, no one of them wrote researches in the matter not if we would consider his posts on Facebook as a vision.

Others add that whenever the minister criticized they argue that he is an academic university scholar, which means we shall be intimidated and quit the idea of evaluation; university educator is a teacher, teaching is a holy job and we hope he resumes his primary job is teaching; we hope he would know his subject and how to deliver it to students.

A successful university educator isn’t necessarily university chairman, minister or even a good teacher, but he can be a good manager. Other variables control the matter. The absence of such rules put us every time with flopped and lost minister who would change anything his predecessor did to establish his existence.

If predecessor founded an administration, the new would cancel it, halts any cooperation with any institution outside his educational kingdom, doubts and ignores involved international and civil institutions.

The coming sarcastic governmental performance is good and can be used in any field but education, since it is the future for Libya. Libyans are not good if we don’t exclude this type of officials from the next cabinet, and there is no good in it if they don’t pay attention.