GNC assigns chief deputy to attend Rome conference

    The GNC delegates the first deputy to attend Rome conference - Internet

    The international conference on Libya started, Sunday, in Rome to accelerate reaching the political consensus in Libya and forming the Government of National Accord (GNA).

    Rome international conference was called for by Rome to find out the needed steps from the international community to support the Government of National Accord and to fight terrorism.

    Several Libyan factions, the United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, and several international representatives take part in the convention in hope of reaching a final agreement by next Monday.

    Chief of the General National Congress, GNC, Nuri Abusahmain, has delegated his first deputy to represent the GNC in the international conference.

    Abusahmain told the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, that Awad Abdulsadek is the sole official representative of the GNC. Any other GNC member present in the conference only represents himself, Abusahmain added.

    He also asserted that any desires of inviting a delegation from the GNC shall be reported to Abdulsadek.