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The criminal cities and tribes


By: Mohamed Egmia*

Fanaticism: gloomy rude mad, it is a disease of mind that infects as smallpox. It is a hard to cure disease is difficult to cure” as

Mohamed Egmia
Mohamed Egmia

Voltaire said. “Neither laws nor religion is sufficient to combat this plague, which affects souls. But religion turns into poison in infected brains rather than soother, and laws are powerless in front of this rabies.

Infected people don’t understand that language and don’t realize its content. There is no law governs them, but their enthusiasm and rush. Every fanatic is wily who has no sentiment; he is also a killer who assassinates with good intentions for a cause he believes in and thinks it is good”. Voltaire’s words illuminate an important side of the Libyan crisis after fanaticism plagued the country with all its forms and started to threaten its existence.

Libyan cities and tribes are heavily hit by fanaticism. They have turned into crazy populations own all types of weapons and militias that include all its components; women, men, elderly and children. In year 2011, media started incitement, turning cities and tribes into militias.

Militia city and militia tribe started to compose, and joining it became a task for every member of it. It reached closing schools, universities and markets in preparation for war seasons; in the end it receives its dead with chants and honorary bullets. It is like if all those have only come to life to be sacrificed to the God tribe or city. This asserts Voltaire’s words; “those who have fanaticism have no sentiment”.

Five years have passed; the ugliest crimes are committed by gangs that don’t hide, but show off their affiliation to cities and tribes and write their names on tanks and artilleries.

Their crimes reach all; they break into state institutions,  arrest official, issue decisions and laws with the power of weapons, block roads, hold check points, arrest upon identity, mass murders, displacement, rob banks, block oil export,  and protect gangs and extremist groups.

All these crimes and more still happen. No government or official authority will be able to deter these criminal cities and tribes, unless reasons of fanaticism were addressed.

This isn’t a call for trial or conviction for these cities and tribes; tribal criminal populations are aware that they can’t be tried no matter how heinous their crimes are since they shelter behind their plenty.

What is important is how to work to dismantle and disarm these extremist crowds and stop media incitement that mobilize and manipulate their minds filling them up with fear of dismantle and give them power to crush whoever disagrees with them without considering repercussions.

Tribal fanaticism and extremism has pushed Libya into dangerous swamp that threats its united existence. The Libyan writer, Mansour Boshnaf, didn’t do gar when said in his article “Lurking tribes” that: “Libyan tribes have been standing against forming an alternative body to it; the state. They insist on the existence of its own state with its culture, economy, politics, and borders; tribes have been lurking its primary enemy (the state) throughout Libyan history, they now have the chance to declare their state.  If Libyan don’t understand this danger and fight this stream, that sweeps everything under logos of revolution, patriotism, interests and rights, the world will deal with us as disintegrated body and tribes. The world will put plans to benefit from conflicts between the tribes”.

That is what is truly happening; countries around the world have shared Libyan tribes and cities. Tribes and countries don’t even feel shame announcing loyalty to Arab and West countries. Some regional countries impose entry and exit visas to certain tribes and exempts other. Leaders of some countries and tribes go with no shame to receive financial and military support and hold reconciliation meetings in foreign capitals.

Libya for them is no more than a battle field. Some tribes also received delegation and ambassadors of foreign countries to hold talks and agreements as if they are independent state.

It has been proven throughout years that these cities and tribes are the real enemy that keeps destroying Libya that is controlled by fanaticism and extremism. They solely control the fate of this country.

What is pathetic is that we have been waiting for 5 years for a reasonable solution from fanatic lunatics. The Libyan city or tribe that outraged for not receiving its share in government seats and impose its views won’t bow to any authority as long as it is packed by its crowds. There will be no solution, as long as these crowds exist and don’t have loyalty to Libya rather than a tribe or city.

Tribes and cities as political and military bodies can have no rule in the current stage, but committing more crimes and causing more division. They actually became enemy competitive independent bodies to the Libyan state.

Those who defend tribes are nothing but illusionists or involved in the ambush of tribal and regional fanaticism, including who perceive themselves as intellectuals, activists and political elites.

Those who are said to be “intellectual elites” who turned to strong defenders of their tribes are applicable to what psychologist, Gustave Le Bon, said, “he may be a mentally efficient when isolated from the herd and before losing his independence and all the mental advantages, however, as soon as it engages in the fanatical crowds, he becomes instinct-driven and thus brutal, and characterized by spontaneity and violence of primitives, and it becomes vulnerable to words and images which lead him to committing any action even if it is contrary to its personal interests”.

Any individual involved in fanatic human herd is, according to Le Bon, a “grain of sand amongst others that wind moves it as it pleases”. We can’t deny that Libya has lost many of who got infected with fanaticism after their tribes, cities and religious groups swallowed them.

For that, we call on all intellectual and educated elites and youth who fell for tribal and regional fanaticism to run out of this ideological, militia or regional herd whenever the opportunity is open.

They will definitely lose the feeling of strength the human herd grants them, but they will regain their consciousness, freedom, humanity, and save their nation.

The war we are before now is dismantling these regional, tribal, religious and ideological herds. Let’s try to flee the cities’ herds and fanatic tribes and declare loyalty to the nation.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source