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GNC members demand UN supervision over Tunisia talks

82 GNC members call on the UN to consider the meetings in Tunisia - Internet


Eighty-Two members of the General National Congress, GNC, have demanded the United Nations to supervise the Libyan talks in Tunisia and include it amongst the political talks it has been sponsoring between Libyan parties.

Signatories called on the United Nations to consider the meetings in Tunisia on December 5th as a chapter of the UN-sponsored political talks. The statement hailed the efforts that led to meetings between members of the GNC and the House of Representatives, HoR; latest was in Tunisia.

The statement that LIBYAPROSPECT received, carried the GNC members’ appreciation of the UN political efforts, but referred to the lack of balance and objectivity in the agreement draft submitted by the UN former envoy, Bernardino Leon, which led to refusal from most the GNC members.

“Direct meeting between representatives of both main political sides is the ideal path to enable the needed solution that should express aspirations of Libyans in a solution depends on patriotic constants and achieves goals of February revolution”, the statement read.

The members addressed the social and political powers to back such efforts in support for February revolution goals. They also called on the international community and neighboring countries to support these efforts “to accelerate reaching the solution that can attain stability, security and end the political conflict”.

Western and Arab countries and local parties have refused the agreement signed in Tunisia; the principle agreement was hoped to be a step towards Libyan-Libyan talks.

The HoR has ruled out the agreement carried out in Tunisia, it believed it isn’t the awaited solution. The HoR demanded resuming the talks under the supervision on the UN and its mission in Libya.