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Tuareg to join constitutional assembly soon

The state is to protect the national languages and provide all means for teaching them - Internet

Rapporteur of the compatibility and communication commission at the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA), Abdel Monem Alshareef, announced that the representatives of Tuareg will join the assembly soon.

He added that “compatibility” happened after “they waived some points regarded crucial for the establishment of national accord”.

He continued “what happened is national message that will have positive effects and will certainly affect other boycotting members of the assembly”.

Compatibility principles reached with Tuareg includes:

1-   Arab, Tamazight, Tuareg and Tabu languages are national languages, as common historical and cultural legacy for Libyans. The Arabic language is the official language for the state.

2-   The state is to work on The demarcation of the Tuareg language in their areas, in accordance with the standards and stages and mechanisms to be determined by law.

3-   The state is to protect the national languages, provide possible means for teaching and using those languages, seek to integrate all languages in matters of public life.

4-   The state is to provide possible means to learn and use braille for the blind and sign language for the deaf and dumb.

5-   Laws to determine situations, in which foreign language can be used in official matters.