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Tawergha citizens protest in Benghazi

Protesters stress the need to reach solutions for all displaced Libyans - Internet

the inhabitants of Tawergha city organized, Wednesday, protest nearby their camps, against the sports city in Benghazi.

Protesters chanted many slogans confirming their desire to return home, asking authorities to pay heed for their living situations and solve their problems.

Number of “Al-Keesh Square” activists participated in the rally in Benghazi, they confirmed their support to the displaced from Tawergha, and all displaced who had to flee their homes. They stressed the need to reach adequate solutions for all displaced in Benghazi.

It is worth mentioning that Tawergha inhabitants fleed their city in August 2011, to Tripoli. Benghazi and Ajdabya.

Tawergha citizens suffer dire living situations, as they live in camps and schools, some schools want to evacuate displaced so schools can reopen.