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STATEMENT: To participants of Rome international conference on Libya


To the participants of Rome international conference concerning situations in Libya in December 13th 2015

In response to aspirations of Libyans suffering the consequences of the Libyan crisis that sheds its effect on politics, society, security, and economy, due to dangerous division in Libyan institutions that have been lasting and causing more deterioration which enables more terrorist groups, especially Islamic State group that swallows new cities every day and threaten all Libyan rivals

Stemming from understanding of patriotic powers that signed the statements to the historic responsibility on their shoulders, to find a rapid and urgent solution, to narrow the gap and resume the transitional process, in order to reach a united country and a sole political authority that includes all Libyans with no exclusion, to reach stability that will build the institutions of democratic civil country the Libyan dreamed of and died for.

Patriotic powers that signed this statement would like to assert on the following:

First: the constants:

1-   The unity of the Libyan lands, the sovereignty of the state and the independence of its decisions.

2-   Preserving the democratic path that started on 7/7/2012 through democratic elections, the political pluralism, and peaceful transfer of power.

3-   The national reconciliation among Libyan sectors through transitional justice is a must and the safe road to overcome tragedies of dictatorship, wars, and breaches Libya went through in the past years.

Second: reactions to events and ongoing developments in Libya:

1-   Supporting the political talks between rivals in Libya as a sole solution to save the country from its current state.

2-   Supporting the results of the UN-organized political talks, resulting amendments in the final political agreement draft and modifications to the ministerial board on the Government of National Accord.

3-   Clear support of the national initiative from South area representatives to adopt the political agreement (Fezzan initiative) and its representatives and approvers in the House of Representatives (HoR) and the General National Congress (GNC) and considering the initiative a balanced solution to reach political consensus, besides calling on the HoR and the GNC not to stumble a voting session on the initiative.

4-   Convicting trials of extremists, on both sides, to twist the results of the political talks held last year through deluding Libyans by empty initiatives in addition to considering them a supportive side to the Libyans’ suffer. We welcome any meeting with them that aims at supporting talks efforts within the mentioned constants.

5-   The clear support to the UN-suggested Government of National Accord, as a result of Libyan talks, after accepting modifications suggested by the mentioned initiative.

6-   Inviting the Government of National Accord to do its difficult tasks with the spirit of national responsibility to soothe daily suffer of nationals, provide a safe exit for them from the current crisis, and reunite the state institutions with wisdom and firmness.

In conclusion, we address international powers that taking part in Rome conference to present different sorts of support, including political and humanitarian needed in completing the tasks of the Government of National Accord to unite authority, to complete preparations to democracy. Such step will aid forming partnership based on fulfilling mutual interests of Libya and international community on the way that can achieve Libyans’ goals in building their country, attaining safety, peace, and law sovereignty in Libya.


1-    Farida Al-Allagi

2-    Abdul-Hafedh Ghogha

3-    Idris Tayeb Lamin

4-    Bashir Zabia

5-    Muhammad Bin Musa

6-    Musbah Khalifa

7-    Omar El-Kekly

8-    Omar Elkeddi

9- Muhammad Bo-Rgeega

10- Rabie Shrear

11- Anwar AL-Tashani

12- Amal Al-Taher Bel-Haj

13- Ahmed Rahal

14- Muhammad Zahi Al-Moghearbi

15- Amira Al-Jleadi

16- Hussain Al-Ansari

17- Nuri Al-Hemmali

18- Farida Mohammad Al-Zleatni

19- Khaled Al-Tayed Belgasem Al-Sharef

20- Nadia Al-Rashed Omar

21- Khadija Al-Sudani

22- Madiha Al-Naas

23- Saeed Kerrewa

24- Khaireya Faraj Hafalesh

25- Zainab Al-Zaidi

26- Muhammad Bin Ghesheer

27- Al-Mukhtar Al-Jweali

28- Jamal Jurnaz

29- Suliman Albayoudi

30- Nesreen Bin Noba

31- Muhammad Al-Jareh

32- Atef Al-Haseya

33- Ali Abdul-Latif Ahmeada

34- Ferial Al-Dali