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NCHRL denounces Tunisia’s closure for borders with Libya


The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) denounced Tunisian authorities decision to close land borders between Libya and Tunisia, considering it as “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law”.

The NCHRL described in statement the decision as “impulsive act detrimental to the interests of innocent civilians”. It added that Tunisian authorities” is holding Libya responsible for its failure in dealing with security breaches and fighting terrorism and extremism”.

The statement confirmed that the “great part of the suicidal attacks, assassinations, explosions and Derna and Sirte are executed by Tunisian nationals came from Tunisia and joined terrorist organizations, as number of Tunisians who joined Al-Qaeda and the IS are 600”.

The NCHRL stated that Tunisia’s decision increased humanitarian and health problems that Libyans suffer, which contradicts with Tunisia’s pledges and commitments.

The statement confirmed the NCHRL respect to Tunisia sovereignty and Full solidarity with the Tunisian people as ordered by the difficult security and economic conditions.

The Commission stressed that fighting terrorism requires cooperation between both countries, not without mutual accusations or counter media campaigns or arbitrary actions against Libyans.