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NATO rules out intervention in Libya and backs GNA

stoltenberg renews NATO's readiness to aid the GNA - Internet

NATO alliance has ruled out military intervention in Libya. Alliance chief, Jens Stoltenberg, denied information in media reports about preparations to intervene soon in Libya as rivals struggle to reach consensus and the Islamic State group (IS) flourish

“We are not discussing a major new military operation in Libya, and I will not be recommending it,” Stoltenberg said in an interview published Sunday in the Italian newspaper, Repubblica.

He renewed the alliances readiness to aid the Government of National Accord (GNA) that rivals are hoped to reach soon. “If a national unity government is formed, we are ready to help it and provide assistance”, he added.

An official in the Libyan army denied knowledge of any intervention plans by NATO or any the European countries in the IS controlled sites in Libya, Asharq Al-awsat reported. The IS controls Libyan cities including Derna and Sirte cities.

Western countries had recent aerial activity over Libya. Paris has lately confirmed holding air reconnaissance missions over the IS-controlled areas in Libya, late November. American Defense ministry confirmed killing a leader in the group by airstrikes in Libyan lands.