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Al-Bakoush: we are objective with both governments in Libya

Al-Bakoush: Tunisia is affected by Libya and Syria - Internet

The Tunisian Foreign Minister, Tayeb Al-Bakoush, said that the “terrorism is a cross-border phenomenon, and the situation in Tunisia is affected directly by Libya and indirectly by Syria, as four or five thousands poor, uneducated Tunisians were recruited and travelled to Libya, where they get the training and arms, then moved to Turkey then to Syria”.

He added, in an interview with Al-Ghad Al-Araby TV, Monday night that “there is substantial convergence of views between Egypt and Algeria about developments inside Libya, we want to deepen direct consultation for the success of efforts carried out by the United Nations envoy to reach peaceful political solution, and also thinking beyond this solution. We will start consultations and then seek to neighboring African countries”.

He continued “there is a great and active cooperation about borders, which allowed us to stop a lot of terrorist attacks, cooperation includes terrorism and smuggling”. He pointed that “no party used accusations against Turkey, we advised Turkey to be more vigilant as it participates in the war against the Islamic State (IS)”.

Al-Bakoush confirmed that no negotiations with Tunisians in Syria, some called Tunisian consulate in Turkey asking to return home, but “no negotiating with them, they only can return and get a trail”.

About situations in Libya, he said “we are being objective with both governments in Libya, we asked to assign consul in Tobruk and Tripoli. Tobruk refused our demand saying that they won’t be able to protect the consul, but Tripoli on the other hand accepted and protected our consul for four months, then it was obvious that they can’t provide adequate protection as well, so they closed the consulate temporarily”.

“We are working on a strategy to fight terrorism, we can’t close borders for ever with Libya, we won’t participate in any fighting outside Tunisia. There is no American presence on the Tunisian borders”.