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Saleh Hemma decries Tunisia agreement

Hemma criticizes Tunisia agreement statement - Internet

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR) and talks delegate in Shkierat, Saleh Hemma, criticized the statement that was issued by the member of HoR, Ibrahim Emaish, concerning the “declaration of Tunisia agreement principles”, regarding it as “individual act that doesn’t represent the HoR”.

He pointed that the dialogue committee assigned Emaish to attend meetings in the United States, but the members of HoR were surprised with his present in Tunisia meeting. He declared that “Emaish doesn’t represent the HoR”.

Hemma added that the meeting between the United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, General Paolo Serra, the responsible for security file, and the president of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, focused on the importance of signing the peace agreement given deterioration of economic situation of Libya and expansion of the Islamic State (IS).

Hemma told Al-Wasat website that “Ageela Saleh called for the convening of the HoR session, stressing that the decision to sign the political agreement should be voted democratically inside the hall, he does not accept any statements issued from outside the hall”.

He confirmed that another meeting was agreed between Kobler and the members of the HoR, last Monday, in an attempt to know their concerns and demands, in order to reach a consensus on the political agreement and the Government of National Accord GNA).

Hemma added “we don’t know why some members refused the suggestion of the Fezzan block, which met all requests raised by members, gave them required guarantees. That’s why we ask all members to attend to the HoR headquarter, Monday, to propose their  reservations”.

The members of the HoR and the members of the outgoing General National Congress (GNC) met in Tunisia, Saturday, and issued “declaration of principles” to solve the Libyan crisis. The head of the HoR delegate, Ibrahim Emaish, and his counterpart in the GNC, Awad Abdel Sadeq, agreed on a pact to resolve the crisis.