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CDA holds a consultation session

CDA to consider the capital and location of national institutions - Internet

The Constitution Drafting Assembly held a consultation meeting on Monday in Al-baida city that is expected to discuss a submission by west area members, to consider the capital and location of national institutions. The session is the sixth since it started its duties in April last year.

Rapporteur of the work committee, Nadia Omran, said that 34 out of 56 members attended the session. Other members from the West and South are on the way to Al-baida to hold a formal session on Monday or Tuesday, when the legal quorum of 41 members is attained, Omran added.

The expected session will discuss the work committee draft submitted last October 7th, and other constituent issues.

Twenty members from west and south regions have boycotted sessions in last November 8th to demonstrate rejection of double capital situation; Tripoli and Benghazi. Members were later convinced to participate by a committee the institution formed.

The Constitution Drafting Assembly has halted its first public session in Ghadames in October 11th.