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Al-Aguory: the HoR will vote on Tunisia declaration

The HoR to vote on the agreement - Internet

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aisha Al-Aguory said that the agreement that signed in Tunisia between the delegates of the HoR and the General National Congress (GNC), is just an initial initiative, will be put to vote in the HoR to accept or reject.

Al-Aguory pointed that the vote will be held in full plenary session, so it would be officially adopted. She confirmed that the previous sessions were held between members of both the HoR and the GNC, a session was held, last week, discussed the issue of army integration, fighting terrorism, participants stressed the unity of Libya and importance of continuing the political dialogue.

Preliminary initiative was signed in Tunisia with the presence of the member of the HoR, Ibrahim Emaish, thehead of reconciliation committee in the parliament, and the head of the outgoing GNC delegate, Awad Abdel Sadeq.