Home News Attacks wound Four civilians in Benghazi

Attacks wound Four civilians in Benghazi


Four civilians were wounded in Benghazi while a military person was assassinated in Ajdabiya, on Friday.

Al-Jala hospital in Benghazi announced that it received 4 wounded persons after mortar and random fire attacks on Qais Ebn Amr and Al-shaba mosques.

The hospital said that 3 injured left the hospital; Mohamed Salah Ashour, 19, Ali Abdulrazek, 60, and Mohamed Hussien. While the fourth, Sabry Al-Obaidy, 20 is still receiving medical care in the hospital.

In Ajdabiya, a soldier in battalion 302 Aljawareh, named Mousa Boksheria was killed after unknown armed men targeted him.

Boksheria was targeted in a restaurant in Ajdabiya. His body was moved from the hospital to his house before burying him.

Several assassinations happened in the city targeting Salafists, army, and police. Islamic State group (IS) has claimed nearly 8 assassinations.