Home News Sabratha denounces terrorism accusation in Tunisian

Sabratha denounces terrorism accusation in Tunisian


Sabratha local council has denied the existence of Islamic State group training camps, information reported by Tunisian media outlets, in the city, and called media into Sabratha to move freely and produce its authenticated reports about the city.

“The council denounced terrorism accusation without clear proofs. The diversity of ideology is in all countries around the world. No city shall be called terrorist or extremist for the diversity of its population”, the statement, issued on Thursday, read.

The statement that published through the council’s official Facebook page called on all media to count on official sources in the city. It demonstrated irresponsibility for information obtained from other parties.

The council asserted its serious pursuit of building the state of law, consolidating principles of justice and moderation, which Islam calls for, in addition to renouncing violence, extremism and terrorism.