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IS recruits children and train them


The Islamic State (IS) recruits children in Sirte and Derna, says Libyan Center for Terrorism Studies (LCTS).

The LCTS has expressed its deep concern over the situation of children under Islamic State group, as they are recruited, abused, targeted and used as human armors, researcher said.

Adel Al-Talhy added that the group opened training camps for minors in Derna and Sirte since 2014. As many as 100 teenagers, aged less than 18 years old, are trained to kill, behead and do suicidal attacks. He uncovered that graduations will start Friday, the Libyan News Agency reported.

Current children’s situation demands pushing the House of Representatives (H0R) to issue child protection law, criminalize recruiting children, adopt cultural initiatives, in addition to taking adequate steps to stop children recruitment, Al-Talhy added.

The United Nations’ Secretary General, Ban Ki-Mon, has announced earlier that children recruitment happens in nearly 100 countries with deviant intellectual and ideological effects that will affect generation to come.