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IFJ denounces Al-Gouery threats to CNA


The International Federation of Journalists, IFJ, condemned the threats by the chief of media and culture authority in the Interim Government, Omar Al- Gouery, against the Libyan Cloud News Agency CNA.

“This is the most serious case of violence incitement against media since the start of the political conflict in Libya. Launching this call in these dangerous conditions under which Libyans journalists perform is the height degree of irresponsibility”, IFJ chief, Jim Boumelha, said in a statement.

Al- Gouery had expressed condemnation to launching European-funded Libyan news agency, describing it as international intrusion. He called the army to close down any internationally funded media outlet or civil society organization.

Boumelha held the Prime Minister, Abdullah Althinni, and the Libyan Government the responsibility for safety of journalists working for Cloud News Agency and all journalists in Libya.

Last November, the chief of the European Mission in Libya, Natalia Apostolova, denied funding the agency, explaining that the union only funded a training for its journalists.