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Shoukry says that Algeria meeting is essential


The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, confirmed the conference of Libya’s neighbors, held in Algeria, Tuesday night, comes during vital phase, after completing Shkirat agreement, which is ready for examination by the House of Representatives (HoR).

He added, in a statement to Middle East News Agency (MENA) that “Libya’s neighbors are meeting to revise the whole situation, especially after the latest worrying developments, which the seizure of the Islamic State (IS) of the city of Sirte”.

He added that the event is important in the framework of bilateral consultations between countries of the region and neighbors who are more relevant to terrorism threat and instability, so coordination is vital and urgent.

About consensus of European and African Unions and the rest of participants, Shoukry said “the meeting shows large amount of compatibility”, adding there is an agreement on the need to resolve the Libyan crisis and maintain stability and unity of Libya.

Shoukry added that there is international support for Shkirat agreement and the formation of unity government, the international community is willing to provide all possible support to enhance capabilities of the unity government to address the needs of Libyans, maintain stability and fight terrorism. He referred that all international parties are intensively seeking to end the crisis.

About his meeting with the United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, in Cairo, Shoukry said that they reviewed the whole situation, Kobler referred that his mission is to complete what Bernardino Leon accomplished.

Shoukry said that the UN envoy, with coordination with neighbor countries, has to implement the agreement and push toward the formation of unity government.

Usual ministerial meeting of neighbor countries hosted by Algeria is considered an extension for the meeting held in the Chadian capital Nagamina, last June. Sudan, Egypt, Niger, Chad, African Union, Arab League, European Union and the UN envoy, Martin Kobler, are all participants in the conference.