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Heads of HoR and GNC to meet soon


The President of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, confirmed the importance of political dialogue, as the only way out of the current crisis inside Libya. He added that he doesn’t mind to meet the president of the General National Congress (GNC), Nuri Abusahmain, for the sake of Libya and its people, according to his words.

This comes as Saleh blocked sessions of the HoR, regarding consensus, but here he agrees to meet Abusahmain, who is also accused in Tripoli of impeding the dialogue, as well.

From another side, there are reports about preparations for bilateral meeting between Ageela Saleh and Nuri Abusahmain in the coming days in Tunisia or Oman.

Municipality of the city of Jado, in Nafusa mountain, confirmed in a statement it’s readiness to host the meeting between Ageela and Abusahmain, so that the meeting is held inside Libya to avoid any criticism, which is more likely, according to sources.

Number of members from the House of Representatives (HoR) and General National Congress (GNC) met, on Friday, in Tunisia and demanded immediate meeting between Ageela and Abusahmain.

They launched a common initiative to resume the dialogue and develop the political agreement, they said that the “participants call for meeting between the heads of the HoR and the GNC, as soon as possible, to resolve disputes between the two bodies, preparing for reaching political agreement that aspires to Libyans wishes, and leads to forming the Government of National Accord (GNA)”.

According to source inside the HoR, Ageela Saleh agreed on the meeting between members from the HoR and the GNC, held in Tunisia last week, confirming that “compatibility between Libyans is the solution”.

It is worth mentioning that delegates from the HoR met members form the GNC in Tunisia, on 26 and 27 November, and agreed on some points regarding the fate of political dialogue and the Government of National Accord.