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Algeria hosts convention for Libya’s neighbors


A Libya neighboring countries conference is being held on Tuesday in Algeria to discuss co-operation and co-ordination to help Libya form the Government of National Accord (GNA) and for discussing the suggested plan by the UN special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler.

The one-day convention tackles the security and political development in the Libyan scene. “like all previous meetings, the conference allows the neighboring countries and the representatives of the regional and international organizations to follow the updates in Libya and the region and analyze the developments”, Algerian Minister of Maghreb and Arab League issues, Abdelkader Messahel said.

He added that “the meeting is an opportunity for Algeria to renew its current supportive path for the GNA to manage the transitional process and face the challenges ahead of Libya, especially terrorism”.

The Libyan delegation takes part in the convention besides the representatives of the regional and international organizations, the African union, the Arab League, and the foreign ministers of Algeria, Sudan, Egypt Niger and Chad, the Algerian News Agency reported.

The convention is a follow up of a similar convention Chad hosted last June. Algeria stressed that there is no alternative to the political solution that guarantees the Libyan sovereignty and unity, and fighting terrorism.

Kobler has already stressed the deep need for a strong legitimate entity in Libya. He also warned of division amongst Libyans and the security vacuum that is being filled by extremists. “The new government needs weapons to face the security challenges, we will offer all support to the new Libyan government”.