Home News Trade slows down in Tunisia after closing borders

Trade slows down in Tunisia after closing borders


The trade movement in Tunisia has been affected severely, after the Tunisian authorities decided to close its borders with the Libyan side for 15 days, because of the attack on one of the buses affiliated to the presidential security.

Tunisian media reports say that cities of South east Tunisia became empty of visitors. Bengerdan city, which lies near to Ras Ejder Libyan-Tunisian borders, witnessed a spike in Gas prices after the closure of borders.

The President, Baji Qaid Essebsi, ordered the closure of borders with Libya for 15 days starting, Thursday night, because authorities suspect that the bomber and the explosive belt came from Libya.

Tunisia also decided to deploy 6 thousand additional army and police personnel. The Council also approved taking urgent actions against returning fighters from the hotbeds of tensions in Syria, Libya and Iraq.