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Shoeib warns of humanitarian crisis in hospitals


Medical supply apparatus in health ministry of interim government warned of humanitarian crisis threatening hospitals and medical services, with its continued inability to provide required medicines and supplies.

the head of Medical supply apparatus, Fath-Allah Shoeib said that they can’t provide any kind of medicines or medical instruments, without providing full budget allocated to them.

He added that “the House of Representatives (HoR) and interim government should accelerate budget cashing, they have to stop that humanitarian crisis which will storm medical services”.

He mentioned that the Health Minister issued provision number (277) for locating the headquarter in Al-Baida. He added that “this requires cashing the budget estimated with nearly 2 million and 500 thousand Libyan Dinars”.

Shoeib said that the finance ministry cashed half million Dinars for supply apparatus.

The allocated budget for supply apparatus from section 1 is 6 million Libyan Dinars.