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New initiative from HoR and GNC for Libyan-Libyan talks


The Libyan representatives in the House of Representatives, HoR, and the General National Congress, GNC, have issued an initiative to continue the Libyan-Libyan talks as the way to end the conflict.

Representative of Cyrenaica city, East Libya, launched the initiative on Saturday to call for organizing the legislative powers between the HoR and the GNC. The representatives accused the former United Nations envoy, Bernardino Leon, of going off the political agreement course.

The initiative noted that some points included in the political agreement obstacle consensus amongst both parties, in addition to the form, number and decision making cycle of the Ministerial Presidency Council which flawed the balance of political bodies.

Representatives called for a meeting between the chiefs of both the HoR and the GNC to resolve differences concerning the political agreement draft.

Cyrenaica representatives in both bodies stressed the importance of fighting terrorism in its internal and external forms as it is Libya’s main challenge now.

Last week, 92 members of the HoR called for the talks parties to sign the agreement in principle and according to conditions.

The United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, has hailed, in a statement, the call by the HoR members and called for the rest members to work for the good of the Libyans and reach a positive end to the agreement and end the struggle of the Libyan people.

Arab and western countries have welcomed the initiative by the 92 representatives. The international community stresses the importance of reaching consensus amongst rivals which may be accelerated by the danger of terrorism in Libya.

Kobler’s statement described the steps taken by the members of the HoR and the GNC as response to calls originating from despair launched by a broad sector of the Libyan civil society during the last period.  Political parties, municipal councils and armed battalions emphasized the need to complete the dialogue quickly to end the suffering faced by Libyans.

Kobler started his work officially in Libya on 17th of November and met members from the HoR and the GNC, travelled to Tobrok and Tripoli and met officials from Italy, France, Britain, Qatar, Emirates and Egypt.