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National reconciliation meeting in Gharyan


The second forum for National Accord in the city of Gharyan, in Nafusa mountain, concluded, Friday, recommending to issue the general amnesty law and the return of the displaced inside and outside Libya.

Different delegates including Shura Councils, civil society organizations, notables and members of municipal council from different Libyan cities participated in the forum.

They stressed the exception of those “who have blood on their hands”, release of detainees and fighting foreign interference in Al-Koufra and other Libyan cities.

The forum called to work on the formation of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation (SCNR), and to consider results of the first forum, held in Misrata, the foundation stone towards national consensus and get the country out of its current crisis.

Participants in the first forum, held in Misrata on 15 October, under the slogan (Homeland Unite Us), confirmed their commitment to Islamic Sharia, Libya’s sovereignty and unity, respect for the judiciary and constitutional declaration and commitment to rebuild the army and police forces.

They stressed the need to halt fighting all over the country, refusal to use media to incite hatred, regional and demanded the release of all detainees.