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Kobler welcomes the declaration of 92 HoR members


The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, welcomed the recent declaration issued by 92 members of House of Representatives (HoR), in which they adopted, in principle, they suggested the Libyan political agreement and the Presidential Council for the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Kobler also welcomed calls from the majority of members of the General National Congress (GNC) to reach positive end to the dialogue process, and accelerate efforts to end the suffering of Libyans.

He said “I appeal those in the HoR and the GNC to work for the sake of Libyans and adopt the political agreement”.

Saving Libya from the scourge of civil strife, the terrorism and the economic collapse require determination and will from Libyan leaders, who have to show political acumen by raising Libya’s and Libyans interest above partisan agendas or other considerations.

According to UNSMIL website, “steps taken by members of both the HoR and the GNC are a welcome response to the desperate appeals over the past few days and weeks from a wide spectrum of Libyan civil society. Political parties, municipal councils and armed brigades have underscored the need for a rapid conclusion of the dialogue process in order to bring an end to the suffering and hardship of the Libyan people”.