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The EU promises to support the GNA with €100m


The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, has expressed the union’s readiness to aid Libya and its expected Government of National accord (GNA) with a substantial 100-million-euro aid package.

Mogherini warned in a statement on Thursday that “Libya will face the further spread of insecurity and instability, an increased threat from terrorist groups, a worsening economic and financial situation and a growing humanitarian crisis” if talks continue to halt.

The Libyan political talks had a difficult time after the past UN representative, Bernardino Leon’s crisis of accepting a well-paid job from the Emirates, which is believed to support one party of the Libyan conflict. The new representative, Martin Kobler is holding side talks with the rivals to put the talks back on track and reach an agreement to form the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Mogherini noted that Kobler is actively seeking a speedy conclusion of the Libyan political dialogue and asserted that the EU is expecting Courage from all Libyan sides that will agree on the Government of National Accord.

“We support the UN SRSG in his efforts to garner the necessary support around the Government of National Accord so it can begin the difficult work of restoring stability and preserving the unity of the country”, the statement added.

Kobler has met Libyan teams in Tripoli and Tobruk in addition to his meetings with European meetings to discuss opportunities of ending the Libyan conflict. Kobler lately took part in a reconciliation agreement between two South Libyan tribes; Tabu and Tuareg in Qatar.