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NCHRL condemns assassinations and abductions in Ajdabya


The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL), in Al-Baida, issued, Thursday, a statement condemning and denouncing the escalation of abductions and organized assassinations in Ajdabya city, east of the country, against salafist, clerics, civil society activists, politicians, journalists, army and police officers.

The NCHRL expressed its grave concern towards latest assassinations and kidnappings, which reached 10 assassinations and 8 abductions, including two journalists and 4 officers, during the last week. It is obvious that the Islamic State (IS) is strongly targeting Ajdabya, trying to control it.

The NCHRL warned many times of increasing threats from groups like the IS, Al-Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sharia, and the threats posed by such groups on the unity of the country and Libyans, regardless of their political or social affiliations.

The commission stressed that it is time for Libyans to renounce their differences and unite efforts to confront the scourge of terrorism and extremism in Libya, stressing the urgency to get out of the current political crisis.

The NCHRL urged the United Nations envoy in Libya to accelerate efforts to ratify the Government of National Accord (GNA), to get out of the current crisis and unite inner efforts to face escalating terrorism and extremism in Libya.

From another side, military planes targeted headquarter of Ansar Al-Sharia and Libya shield forces in Ajdabya.

A source inside the city said that the industrial neighborhood in Ajdabya was targeted, as a bomb hit workshop of Khaled Bo-Gharara, near headquarter of Shield forces, causing injuries among workers.

Medical source in Ajdabya hospital said that the hospital received two persons injured in the airstrikes, both are Egyptians, one in intensive care and the other in surgery, their conditions are stable.

The airstrikes against Ansar Al-Sharia came after Salafist Sheik, Waleed Al-Zewi, and two fellows were exposed to assassination attempt resulted in clashes between Salafist youths and Ansar Al-Sharia in industrial neighborhood and behind Seedy Hassan cemetery.

It is worth mentioning that Ajdabya city is witnessing security deterioration, as assassinations reached 37 cases, according to a security source inside the city.