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To our elected HoR .. Why isn’t Fezzan initiative signed?


By: Saied Ramadan*

What does the House of Representatives, HoR, want more than what is offered in the 92-Member-Signed-Fezzan initiative? Why did some clown followers of pro-Haftar representatives, who support the military solution, hinder the voting by breaking into the HoR building and cause the session to be halted? Was today’s fake play a political maneuver to force the other side to accept the initiative? Or was it a message from some representatives to announce their refusal to the political solution and the Government of National Accord (GNA), as Fezzan initiative’s articles benefit the HoR and no mindful representative will refuse it. I will feature the initiative and you are free to comment.

Article 1

  • The HoR refuses the UN envoy’s suggestion of assigning an advisor to the defense and national security council for contradictions with the constitutional declaration.
  • The HoR refuses the UN envoy’s suggestion of nominating a chief for the State Council for contradictions with the political agreement.
  • The HoR refuses nominating ministers and holds the right of the Prime Ministry of choosing the names, according to the political agreement.

Article 2

  • The HoR accepts the political agreement, the ministerial board and its extensions on basis of equal representation for the three regions.
  • Choices must be made by unanimity inside the ministerial board concerning the board’s competencies.

Article 3

  • The HoR expresses its official objection to the additional articles of the GNA’s handling of the high civil, security and military posts.

Article 4

  • The HoR asserts that military that faces terrorism is an independent, professional and non-political entity that isn’t a subject to political bargains in any political deal. All parties shall value its sacrifices and apply the agreement with good intensions.

Article 5

  • The HoR asserts that the objected articles above are ineffective in facing the House and affiliated bodies until processed before granting confidence to the Government of National Accord.

Article 6

  • The HoR asserts that this decision must be fully guaranteed by the political talks committee with an accurate and clear timetable of the security arrangements and application mechanisms, and committing to achieve it with hard immediate work to stop the pro-terrorism groups in Benghazi.

Article 7

  • The HoR asserts that the advisor state council must be consisted of all members of the General National Congress elected in 7/7/2012.

Article 8

  • The HoR asserts that all displaced must be relocated in their homes in addition to providing all means of security and comfort and preparing their homes for living.

Article 9

  • Asserting on the legitimacy of the House of Representatives from 4/4/2014 and its laws and decisions.

What do some HoR member want more than what is included in this initiative? Will the other part accept enrolling these articles in the political agreement? Days are to answer this question.

*A Libyan political analyst

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source