Home Reports Bomb attack at security check point near Tripoli

Bomb attack at security check point near Tripoli


Seven people died and 16 injured in a car bomb, Tuesday, targeted check point for military police on the coastal road between Khoms and Msillata near the capital Tripoli.

According to sources, the blast targeted security gate, near stationed check point affiliated to common chamber, most of its members are from Misrata.

The source mentioned that injuries varied between light and medium, one case is in intensive care room, pointing that some passers were injured in the explosion.

From its side, the Salvation Government aligned with General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli condemned, in a statement, the attack that killed and injured 21 persons, while performing national duty and protecting civilians, according to the statement.

The government vowed to apply utmost punishment on perpetrators of such crime, urging security and military institutions to put adequate plan to eliminate this phenomenon.

The statement appealed the international community to stand with the government in its fight against extremists.

Also, the Justice and Construction Party condemned the bomb in a statement, Tuesday, and said that the attack “coincides with successive security incidents, which aims to destabilize security”.

The Party demanded competent authorities to investigate into the incident to prosecute its perpetrators and bring them to justice, and develop ways to prevent the recurrence of such attacks.