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90 HoR members approve the southern initiative


Ageela Saleh suspends the HoR session

90 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) approved the political agreement and the Government of National Accord (GNA), based on Fezzan initiative, announcing that the presidency of the HoR bears full responsibility for violating the provisions of internal regularities.

The media consultant for the HoR chairman, Fathy Abdel Kareem Al-Maremy, said that the chief of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, delayed the session, Tuesday, to the next week.

according to Libya News 24 website, Al-Maremy said that “the session was delayed because many members proposed different suggestions concerning the dialogue, and at the request of the First Vice-President of the Council Mohammed Shoaib”.

He refereed that the suspension was to “provide more time for discussions between lawmakers, especially that there is a convergence of views “.

From another side, tens of protesters stormed the headquarter of Libyan parliament in Tobrok, during official session where members were discussing the resumption of the political dialogue.

One member said, to IRAM news, Tuesday, that HoR’s session was suspended thirty minutes after convening. Members were surprised with protesters coming and causing chaos. He added “they couldn’t recognize the demands of protesters or reasons for their entry, but some denounced the political dialogue and demanded not to sign what they called suspicious draft”.

He mentioned that some members of the HoR listened to protesters, promised to discuss their demands during the session.

the HoR member Sultana Almesmary denounced the suspension of the session by Ageela Saleh without urgent reasons.

According to Al-Wasat news website, she said that “the ordinary session of the HoR started at 11am, with the presence of most of members and presidency in an attempt to reach final solution regarding unity government and other outstanding issues”.

She added “while members were discussing the agenda, one old man stormed into the hall objecting the government, saying that all those who support the government are traitors, then group of notables tried to calm the old man down and convince him to leave, then we were surprised that the president, Ageela Saleh, suspended the session without any discussion”.

Almesmary added that all members at the headquarter were dissatisfied

from the behavior of Saleh; they were hoping to reach a solution whether to accept or reject the government, “it is important that the decision is took democratically and resolved inside voting hall”, she said.