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South Libya conflict resolved under Qatari mediation

Al-Thani sponsors the agreement - LIBYAPROSPECT

Two of the main rival tribes in South Libya, Tabu and Tuareg, have signed a peace agreement in Qatar on Monday under the nation’s sponsorship, a Qatari official stated.

The agreement ends battles for control of oil fields. The step raises hope of an end to violence that has plagued the south corner of the country since 2011.

Representatives of the Tabu and Tuareg, agreed to a ceasefire and to withdraw armed forces from the flashpoint town of Ubari.

The Qatari foreign minister’s deputy, Mohamed Abdul-Rahman bin Jassim Al-Thani, has expressed hope that such reconciliation would be the start of installing peace in all Libyan lands. Bin Jasem asserted that the Qatari efforts to resolve conflict in South Libya stem from a faith that dialogue is the most successful path to end conflicts.

The initiative came after communications with the General National Congress, GNC, which asked the Qatari prince, Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, to mediate in South Libya region that was mired in multiple conflicts.

Al-Thani hailed all parties that had patience and courage to sit on one table, in addition to neighboring countries especially Algeria and Niger that helped the success of the Qatari efforts to end fights in Ubari between Tabu and Tuareg tribes, the Qatari News Agency reported.

Qatar’s main goal, according to Al-Thani, is restoring security and stability in South Libya given the sensitivity of the area and the importance of installing peace to cut the road for militias and extremist groups, and relocating the displaced back to their home. He also added that stability will curb the illegal migration flows.

Vice Qatari Interior minister said that the prince Tamim Bin Hamad ordered the negotiations to be hosted in Doha after holding communications with both tribes, the agency reported.

He asserted that the talks were Libyan- Libyan. He also added that the Qatari role was similar to the role Qatar played in mediating disputes in Darfur, Djibouti and Eritrea. The signed agreement is a best example of the Qatari belief of the talks to the best path to resolve conflicts, he added.

Al-Thani asserted that a third party, the presidency of the Libyan army, GNC affiliated will observe the implementation of the agreements’ articles, in addition to the wise committee as a fourth party. He also added that a force will be formed to secure South and supervise the withdrawal of armed groups, reopening roads, and relocating refugees and displaces persons.

The wise committee is formed of the notables of both tribes in addition to South notables from other tribes to supervise undertaking the implementation of the agreement and judge any violations.