Mesahel: No alternative to political solution


    Algerian minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdel-Qader Mesahel renewed his country’s position aiming to accelerate the formation of unity government in Libya, capable of achieving its tasks and responsibilities.

    A statement for Foreign Ministry said, Monday evening, that  Mesahel confirmed, at his meeting with candidate for the presidency of the Libyan Government of National Accord. Fayez Al-Sarraj, Algeria’s supporting role to efforts of the United Nations seeking political solution to the crisis in Libya, and its support for the UN newly appointed envoy, Martin Kobler.

    Mesahel stressed the need to form unity government capable of achieving its entrusted tasks. He renewed invitation for all Libyan factions and actors to deal, effectively and positively, with suggested agreement, warning that “local and regional situation can’t afford more hesitation”.

    He confirmed that there is no alternative to political solution that guarantees known basics of “maintaining unity and sovereignty of Libya, cohesion and harmony of its people’ stressing the need to fight terrorism which is real threat to the future of the country.

    Mesahel called factions to put Libya’s supreme interest above any considerations, reminding that “available capacity and human potentials enable Libya to overcome all difficulties and build state of law and institutions could face challenges including terrorism, achieving security and stability”.

    Both sides discussed developments of political solutions and neighboring countries’ efforts to help Libyan people overcome the crisis. They reviewed preparations for the seventh meeting of Libya’s neighbors hosted by Algeria on the first of December, and coordinate efforts.

    Both Mesahel and Al-Sarraj confirmed that the meeting is “important step forward to find final and peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya”. Al-Sarraj arrived, Sunday night, to the Algerian capital coming from Tunisia at the invitation of the Algerian Foreign Ministry.