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Kobler meets with Construction and Justice party leaders


The head of the United Nations Mission in Libya, Martin Kobler, held a meeting on Sunday with the chief of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowane, the head of party’s bloc in the General National Congress, GNC, Abdulsalam Alsfrawy, and the GNC member, Nezar Kawan, in the mission’s headquarter in Tripoli, to discuss the party’s vision concerning the talks.

Sowane asserted on the importance of resuming talks from where it stopped, in addition to modifying the Ministerial Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to achieve balance.

Sowane demanded re-granting the full or partial right of objection to the vice Prime Ministers in certain cases the talks’ parties decide on. He also asserted on the necessity of deciding on a clear definition of terrorism in the political agreement.

Kobler emphasized the importance of parties in the political process in Libya, adding that meeting with talks’ participants are being held in the context of identifying their points of view before holding the last round of talks.

Before that, Kobler met, on Saturday, with members of the House of Representatives (HoR), and on Sunday with the chief and first vice chief of the General National Congress (GNC).