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Kobler considers the importance of tribal leaders


The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said, Saturday in Tobruk, that he won’t neglect the role of any notables, tribes and elders.

He added during meeting with elders and tribal leaders in Tubrok “I was in Iraq many years before, tribal leaders always complained about being neglected by municipalities, and not used properly in national reconciliation”.

He pledged  to consider and mulling opinions of elders and tribal leaders in future meetings. He added “it is not normal to have Tripoli and Tubrok, it should be one national unity, you are responsible for that, this country needs reconciliation”.

From their side, elders and tribal leaders in Tubrok stressed their adherence to the dialogue, to have better agreement than the last one and to benefit from past mistakes.

They confirmed that they believe in the dialogue, and that “there is no solution in Libya except through dialogue, especially during this difficult phase”, they asked not to ignore legitimacy in Libya, nor the army and its role on combating terrorism.

On the other side, the chairman of notables board for reconciliation, Sheikh Mohamed Almobasher, announced his decision not to participate at any rally held during this period under any name.

He said to Libya Al-Mostakbal website that “I took this decision for some reasons, Lack of seriousness concerning subtraction, blurred vision, and the non-participation of the Libyan spectrum at any meeting”.

He added “We are afraid to be from those who contribute to increase discord, division or confusion in efforts to get the ongoing dialogue to safety”.