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Boundaries of outer solution depend on the local response


By: Ismail Rashad*

The upcoming neighboring countries conference that Algeria called for, isn’t expected to help achieving any progress since the

Ismail Rashad
Ismail Rashad

participating countries failed to help their communities that may face the same issues that cause the crisis in Libya.

Concerning the UN contribution, the solution theoretically lays in the hands of the German Martin Kobler not the neighboring countries that have no ability or will to create solutions.

The solution is finalizing the political deal and launching a structural political process; a structure of the authority and the state, while division may still in the construction of the state and authority, the Lebanon example is applicable in this case.

I tend to believe that the integrated solution comes in local ingredients with cognitive ability of creating solutions in addition to determination to adapt them. Both aren’t present in the Libyan rivals, here comes the experience of developing solutions.

On one side, the rivals lack the ability to understand the reality and variables with logic methodology that leads them to results that defines difficulties and solutions. This may be caused by lack of dominance of the methodological minds amongst elite and political and social leadership.

On the other hand, there is the absence of will originated from the absent ability. Often, lack of will causes the continuity of conflict on all its levels; the reason may be the absence of socialization programs that encourage facing individual mistakes and social deviations with recognition and retreat.

The experiences of the UN envoys in Libya reflect the difficulty of success for the international organizations and powers to reach solutions without local will and ability.

This may lead to the importance of founding a social base for political solution and founding social awareness, not to take the society of the level of the intellectual elite but to the ability of building collective awareness in society to recognize the validity of suggestions of elite that has ability and will for local and international communication.

*A Libyan Journalist and Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source