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Bayo criticizes Althinni and Saleh


The Member of House of Representatives (HoR) in Benghazi Amal Bayo said, Sunday, that the sacked interior minister, Omar Elsenky, provided full report from the administrative control that he has no administrative offenses.

She added to Libya News 24 websitethat “it is supposed that Elsenky would go back to his former job and take all his dues”, pointing that the report is signed by the head of the administrative control, Aldel Sallam Al-Hasy.

She mentioned that “there is an incompatibility between the Prime Minister, Abdullah Althinni and Elsenky, because he has not been assigned to his former job as interior minister by the government nor the House of Representatives”.

She added “I was surprised today to hear about meeting said to be with interior minister, while the title should have been undersecretary of the interior ministry, knowing that he didn’t swear the oath in front the HoR”.

She communicated with the head of the inner committee, Mohamed Lino, asked him about the appointment of interior minister, because till now the Prime Minister, Abdallah Althinni, is the interior minister and gave full authority to the undersecretary but for financial procedures.

The HoR didn’t hire anyone, it is not Entitled to appoint the undersecretary of the Ministry except for voting to select the Prime Minister, she said.

Bayo stressed that the inner committee is not entitled to name any personal, adding “there is an overlap in specializations and titles between the Interior Minister and the assigned undersecretary of the ministry, and till now the Prime Minister still retains the portfolios of interior and defense”.

She said that she wasn’t aware of the visit of the United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, adding “the members of the HoR suffer from improvisation and the absence of a system, they follow news through media”.

It is worth mentioning that the Althinni sacked interior minister, and appointed lieutenant Mustapha Aldabash without announcing reasons, which is likely to be related to performance of interior ministry.

Althinni blocked the implementation of the HoR decision concerning the reappointment of Elsenky, saying that the HoR decision is void.

Concerning the decision to compensate affected members, Bayo said that it is the decision of the HoR chairman not the parliament itself, and she didn’t see the decision by herself.

She refused to discuss salaries and advantages, because there are other matters more important to be discussed. She added “I promised voters to put salaries and advantages at the least of my concerns. Mr. Fanoush refused the decision describing it as nonsense”.

Bayo considered the decision as scandal for the HoR and ignorance for the suffering of Libyans. She mentioned that the chairman of the parliament is well known for committing abuses and taking decisions without consulting members.

She confirmed that the members hadn’t received their salaries for three months “9-10-11”, those salaries are considered rewards not salaries. She declared that salaries cited in the decision are 10 thousand Libyan dinars, with basic 6 thousand, and 4 thousand as housing allowance.

The decision includes provision stating that those who live in hotel on the expense of the divan shouldn’t receive the 4 thousand of house allowance. She added that the chairman didn’t give members copies of decisions he take.

She added “I read about compensation decision via social media. It is the decision of the HoR chairman not the HoR itself, chairman is not entitled state’s funds until investigating the effects and the cost of damages”.