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NCHRL calls for implementing the amnesty law


The National Commission For Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) called courts of appeal in Sebha, Derna, Al-Zawia, Benghazi, Al-Baida, Misrata, Gheryan, Al-Khoums and Tripoli to accelerate the implementation of general amnesty law, release all prisoners and detainees in prisons under the authority of judiciary throughout the country.

It called in a statement, Saturday, “competent Libyan authorities to put appropriate mechanisms and insurances for the return of displaced and migrants inside and outside Libya, and secure re-construction operations for their cities and villages, beside compensating all displaced for material and moral damage caused by displacement”.

The NCHRL stressed “the importance to expedite the completion of law number 9 concerning general amnesty, stated by House of Representative (HoR), which is to heal rift and social divide, contribute to the achievement of comprehensive national reconciliation, peace, stability and support efforts to achieve national reconciliation in Libya”, the statement said.

The NCHRL warned of “attempts to delay the issuance of the law and the involvement of laws in political disputes”.

The NCHRL asked the High Commissioner for Human Rights CHRL of the United Nations, International Criminal Court and the the United Nations envoy to Libya to ensure the implementation of the law and oblige all parties to enforce the law, and release all detainees in prisons of Gheryan, Al-Zawia, Misrata, Sabha, Benghazi, Al-Khoums and Tripoli.