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Kobler calls for peace, security and prosperity


The newly appointed United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, stressed that it’s time to conclude the political agreement, urging members of the House of Representatives (HoR) to vote to form the Government of National Accord (GNA) as soonest as possible.

In a news conference after a meeting with the second vice president and members of the HoR in Tobruk, he said that “this visit demonstrates, first the consistency and the continuity of the United Nations negotiations in Libya but also it conveys a sense of urgency”.

He added that he will take up the process where his predecessor, Bernardino Leon, left it, saying “Now my message was very clear, I will take up the process where my predecessor left it”, according to UNSMIL website.

He pointed that that agreement, which was agreed upon by interlocutors is the base from which he will start. And asked factions to go forward from this basis.

He said “I really urge everybody to have a positive vote and then we can have a government in place and we will assist the government to solve the problems, in particular security”.

He added that “the Libyan agreement cannot be opened now “the text is on the table. This includes the annexes and also the names the Libyan themselves agreed upon. We do not impose names. We do not impose solutions. We help the Libyan partners to find a solution”.

Kobler urged the members of the HoR to go for positive vote and form the Government of National Accord, in the soonest possible time to achieve “prosperity, peace and security to end Libyan’s suffering”. He asked help from all parties to achieve peace, security and prosperity.

Kobler stressed his respect for Libya’s sovereignty and political process, saying that “we are impartial but we are not neutral”.

Kobler stressed impartiality of the United Nations, saying that “the United Nations never imposed. We will always respect what you wish. We are impartial but we are not neutral”.

Kobler then answered questions from reporters in which he stressed his commitment to help Libyans to find quick inclusive solutions, pointing that any solutions would be sustainable if decided by Libyans themselves not coming from outside.

He said “the decision must be yours not theirs, we don’t impose names or solutions”. He also stressed the need to have a unity government in Tripoli.

As for security situation, Kobler said that the security is a problem but will be solved, that’s why Libya needs the unity government to solve problems. He said “Before the government must go to Tripoli, there must be security arrangements, and I tell you very openly I also am not happy here, because I started my work in Tunis. I would love to have started my work in Tripoli”.