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Algeria hosts conference for Libya’s Neighbors


The Minister for Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdel-Qader Mesahel said that Algeria is hosting conference for Libya’s neighbors, next month, pointing that six countries are attending the conference beside representatives from Libya.

Algerian government said that it invited Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger and Libya to attend the seventh Libya’s neighbors conference on the first of December.

Mesahel denied any disagreements between the six countries about statements of previous meetings, stressing the presence of  consensus among the countries about need to peacefully settle the conflict through dialogue, and the formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to resolve the crisis in the framework of respect for the unity and sovereignty of Libya and the fight against terrorism”.

He confirmed the need to form the GNA, entrusted with the task of conducting extensive reforms in the country during the transitional phase, that speaks for all Libyans to fight terrorism which constitutes a threat to the security and stability of Libya and all the neighboring countries.

From another side, the military authorities in Algeria closed again, on an ongoing basis, its borders with Libya and Mali after Bamako terrorist attacks.

Borders between Libya and Mali were opened occasionally for humanitarian cases, and to facilitate the lives of inhabitants in areas around the borders.

According Al-Khabar Algerian Newspaper, the military authorities in charge of securing borders returned to tightening security measures by closing borders, the decision came after hostage-taking in Radisson Blu Hotel in the Malian capital Bamako.

The newspaper quoted security source in Bourq Bagi Moukhtar area that “orders came from army staff, imposing  utmost caution in dealing with the other side of the border”, referring that the Chief of Staff lieutenant general, Ahmed Qaied Saleh, entrusted leaders of third, fourth and sixth military areas, responsible for borders security with Mali and Libya, the validity of evaluating security situation on the borders.

Military command imposed tight security procedures surrounding borders, in parallel with mobilization of tens of thousands of military personnel. Military forces increased its patrols along borders with Mali, imposed high alert among army and national security forces in vicinity of oil infrastructures, directly after attacks in Mali.

Army forces also imposed strict security measures at sites believed to be vulnerable to terrorist organizations active in Libya and northern Mali. Fears mounting of terrorist operations waged by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, in the south.

Algerian security source said that the security measures intensified in the vicinity of oil and gas fields in the south, and in the vicinity of airports and tourist areas in the south, at least, 50 thousand soldiers are deployed on the border with Libya, Mali and Niger.