Home News Salwa Bugaighis killer arrested in Ras Lanuf

Salwa Bugaighis killer arrested in Ras Lanuf


One source inside oil installations guard said, Thursday, that their elements arrested the murderer of activist Salwa Bugaighis in Benghazi, in routine combing operation in Ras Lanuf.

The source added that the killer ( E.A.K), was escorted by two persons, he admitted the crime and was referred to competent authorities immediately upon completion of the investigation.

The source mentioned that a statement to be issued soon including details of the arrest.

Bugaighis, the human rights activist, the lawyer and the member of National Transitional Council, was killed in her house in Benghazi, 25 June 2014 after casting her ballot in the elections of the House of Representatives (HoR).