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Displaced Libyans, governmental ignorance and public silence


By: Obaid Al_Ragig*

It is the sixth time to write about displaced from my people, but bitterly, no one is reading nor cares, partial or total displacement from cities, is normal in the case of war, but once the war ends

Obaid Al_Ragig
Obaid Al_Ragig

and fighting stops, all displaced return to their homes and areas, and the government is to facilitate and secure this return.

Why that didn’t happen in Libya for some of the affected areas displaced by its population? Because that overcome the conventional displacement, it was forcibly uprooted, even now, it is still happening and worse, the systematic tampering and vandalism for properties of the displaced in all affected areas is still continued.

What kind of successive governments who hadn’t consider, even once, the situation of displaced people away from their homes? Is not this silence and ignorance regarded as treason for their assigned responsibilities? Are not those governments ashamed of themselves? What kind of shame is that? ignoring humanitarian core issues affecting part of their citizens, turning blind eye on their miserable situation, either children, women or elders, all suffer eeriness inside and outside their country, deprived of the right to return to their homes during the past five years?

Those rulers’ main priority is to issue tailored decisions and provisions. Why do they hoard to issue a single resolution for displaced at home and abroad that affirms the right of return and the legitimacy of law and state? History will not exclude any of the rulers at this time, documenting that they’re the worst rulers Libya ever had, history will record that the personals of this miserable phase are silent in time to speak, senseless with no humanitarian feelings.

How it sits for rulers who ignore the fate of many Libyans forced by war to flee five years ago? How they relish the confiscation of Libyans freedom in a series of collective punishment motivated by hatred and rancor and ill will? How psychos haters are allowed to exploits “revolution” for collective revenge of entire regions in Almashashya, Tawergha, Algoalesh, kikla and others?

Shame on those successive rulers and leaders in weak, playing around governments ignoring situations of those displaced by force and suffering unjustly horrors and hardships, it will remain painful stain on their forehead till Dooms day. This is how governments are. But what about people ignoring the suffering of their brothers and sisters? Lend themselves to confiscate innocent smile from the mouth of displaced Libyan child? Is it not worthy now for Libyans to stand united, and remove defilements of hatred and resentment fueled by desires of a racist or extremist ideology? Has Libyans consciences died that they aren’t even moved by distress cries of children, women and elderly displaced internally and externally? How could Libyans live while their brothers and sisters are displaced? We bitterly ask: where are the wise and elders stand in the face of that suffering of displaced who are forced to leave and prevented from returning?

Libyan brothers must feel and share that suffering of our displaced fellows inside and outside, and reunite all aspects of Libyan big family before more division happens. It is time to support each other, raise up with our notable goals above hater and resentment, reconcile today, not tomorrow. We hope that Libyans would start massive huge demonstrations all over Libya, it’s sole demand is the return of displaced and national consensus, demonstrations that continues until governments of coincidence accept the demand, or the international community decides to support people in this national, legitimate demand. Homeland is calling you, it can’t stand more ignorance or silence, will we respond?

*A Libyan Writer

Translated by LIBYAPROSPECT: Source