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Kobler outlines priorities in his first days in office

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The new United Nations representative in Libya, Martin Kobler, has announced that his first days in office will corporate efforts to finalize the outstanding points in the political agreement in addition to discussing security-related issues with Libyan actors.

Kobler initiated his term, on Tuesday, by posting a statement in the official website of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) that outlined his strategy in dealing with the war-torn Libya.

“I am determined to build on the momentum to bring about an endorsement of the Libyan Political Agreement in the immediate future,” he stated.

Kobler noted that he will be listening to the members of the political dialogue and the proposed Presidency Council as well as various other Libyan partners to address and finalize the remaining small number of outstanding issues.

He asserted that the dialogue and unity only can attain stability and restore State’s authority. “Together we have to improve the economic and humanitarian situation and address the human rights situation. The United Nations and the international community stand ready to assist” the statement added.

Member of the House of Representatives, HoR, Ali Al-Tekbaly, said to Alwasat that the HoR will meet Kobler “with a new face”. Al-Tekbaly uncovered that the HoR will change its representative political talks committee in the UN.

Kobler successes the Spanish diplomat, Bernardino Leon, whose term ended in September and couldn’t reach a completion point in the peace talks with the Libyan parties to finalize the political agreement.