Home Reports 82 Misratans abducted in Tripoli

82 Misratans abducted in Tripoli


Mayor of Misrata municipality, Muhamed Shetuoy, said that 82 civilians were abducted in the capital city,Tripoli, Tuesday, in less than 24 hours.

He added “I went to Tripoli, and met Abu-Salim mayor to mediate for the release of the abductees who are from Misrata and abducted by irregular armed formationaffiliated to the municipality”.

He asked the armed force to “immediately release them, and secure the other six abductees who were released by the Common Security Chamber of interior ministry”.

A security source said that the “Common Security Chamber raided, Tuesday night, bet of militia in south west Tripoli, freed six persons who were abducted months ago”. He added that the chairman of the Central Tripoli Hospital, Abdel Jalil Aleraiby, were among the abductees, beside Turkish worker, civil activist, Abdel Qader Alhashemy and three other Libyans.

Armed brigade commander in Tripoli issued, Tuesday, threatening with “armed confrontations if security, services and the military institutions in the city were subjected to any kind of prejudice”. They asked all armed brigades outside the city to leave its headquarters.

Tripoli is witnessing new security tense, possible confrontations with its armed allies in Misrata, as the main road linking areas of the city still closed, since Tuesday morning which caused traffic congestion.