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Security tense in Tripoli and abductees set free



The capital city, Tripoli, witnessed, Tuesday, a security tense as many streets were closed by number of armed groups who arrested bypassing citizens. Shoot guns were heard and grenade explosions within vicinity of Al-Zawia street and Al-Sour street in Tripoli.

Confrontations occurred between Special Deterrent Forces, affiliated to command of general staff of General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli, and criminals at Al- Quds mosque square in Bomeshmasha region in Tripoli.

It is worth mentioning that the Special Deterrent Forces support Libyan dialogue mediated by the United Nations. Special Deterrent Forces said in a statement that “group of thugs robbed two trash cars of general services company, and closed the road in Al-Quds mosque square, central Tripoli”.

The statement added that the Special Deterrent Forces managed to open the road and control the area after armed clashes with those criminals.

News emerged that situation in the area is back to normal, after confusion caused congestion and fear among citizens. Special Deterrent Forces statement stressed that criminals will be pursued wherever they are to establish security for citizens.

From another side, source from the Central Security Forces in Abu-Salim, Tripoli, said that “Congestion and the spread of security personals are just caution proceedings to secure the area”. He added that security personals are deployed inside Abu-Salim and neighbouring areas to protect and secure the citizens.

The source pointed to “simple disagreement between Central Security Forces in Abu-Salim, and brigade affiliated to Misrata, but it is in the way to resolution after the intervention of elders and dignitaries in Tripoli”.

In relation to the above, sources said that the Common Security Chamber in Tripoli raided nests of corruption, extortion and armed robbery which is considered the most dangerous gangs in the

The freed captives - Internet
The freed captives – Internet

capital. Forces set free Salah Khalifa Mamash, Abdel-Jalil Al- Araiby, Mahmoud Al-Mezaafar, Abdel-Qader Alhashemy, Jibril ben Mousa, and the Turkish citizen, Saed Oghlo, who is the chairman of Libyan-Turkish examinations body.

Another sources mentioned that the places that were raided are well known in the city, and considered “nest of corruption, with drug dealers leaded by someone called Mustapha Al-Estanbuly, they call him Sheik, he is notorious person who carry out kidnapping operations and financially exploits people”. The source added that the residents in the area felt satisfaction after attacking the den and liberalization of the abductees.

Ahmed Al-Royati, a resigned judge, wrote on his Facebook page that the Common Security Chamber received reports of abductions in vogue circumstances.

He added that “information leaded to a suspected place in Abu-Salim and Al-Hadhba, the Common Security Chamber forced raided the place which was used as secret prison for abductions and torture of people. Five abductees were found, including Turkish national. A militia leader named Abdel-Ghani Alkikly, nicknamed Eghnewa, owns the place”.

Eghnewa militia kidnapped, in the past few days, media

Motaz Al-Kheraef - Internet
Motaz Al-Kheraef – Internet

practitioner and activist, Motaz Al-Kheraef from Al-Dhahra in center of Tripoli.

Commander of Hetteen brigade, Misratan, Salah Badi, said on his Facebook page that “Eghnewa forces immobilized family in Misrata, but force from Misrata is examining the situation and it will be solved soon”.